Your business travel is 
automatically recorded.
Plug in. Drive. Profit.
The simple and hassle-free 
management of your business travel
Save time and increase your earnings.
The paperwork doesn't work for you?
Have a logbook automatically generated and much more.
Don't get apprehensive 
about an eventual tax audit. 
If the thought of dealing with a tax auditor makes you 
anxious, you can now enjoy peace of mind with ODOTRACK.
ODOTRACK, fleet manager's best friend 
Management of your fleet vehicles has never been so simple.


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Connect. Drive.


Manage. Control.


Relax. Profit.

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This week, LOGICIEL FISCAL VL INC., maker of the Odotrack technology, has launched their new feature, the Odo Mobile, which allows Odotrack users to access their account through their smartphone. This progress puts Quebec companies on the map in this mobility era.

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